Fun with Balls

Fun with Balls (3)

Today I gave Veronika a game with the easiest set up ever: balls + an empty muffin pan.

Having recently played with pom poms in a muffin tin, I knew she would like the concept. This time, I filled the tins of a standard 12 cup muffin pan with balls of various sizes. I included golf balls, tennis balls, and a few toy sensory balls.

Fun with Balls (1)

I deliberately left some of the compartments empty so she could transfer from one to another, making this almost like toddler whack-a-mole. She immediately got busy!

Fun with Balls (2)

I also placed a small box to the side so she could gather up the balls if she wanted to, but she preferred moving them either from tin to tin or directly onto the floor.

Fun with Balls (4)

She has never really played with tennis balls before, making these the most novel part of the game, and was delighted when she realized they bounce. So after that it became a game of chasing tennis balls all around the first floor of our apartment.

Fun with Balls (6)

What simple but pure fun!

Fun with Balls (5)

Take-Along Cereal Snack

Take Along Cereal Snack

Dried fruit adds a nutrition boost to plain old cereal, making this a great snack option for growing toddlers.


  • 3 cups o cereal (such as Cascadian Farm)
  • 1 cup diced dried apple
  • 1/2 cup freeze-dried strawberry pieces
  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a large zip-top bag. Transfer to smaller bags for individual on-the-go servings.

Lotion Smelling Sensory Activity

Reuse Lotion (4)

Veronika has a current obsession with… lotion! I laugh when I think I might wind up with a girly girl, since she is certainly trending that way. Instead of saying no today to her requests for my lotions and creams, I gave her a few nearly empty bottles and let her go to town.

Reuse Lotion (2)

There were several “learning” elements to this game. First, squeezing the tubes was great for strengthening her hands and fingers. I gave her a little container to aim for as she squeezed out the leftover lotion, though of course her aim wasn’t always spot on.

Reuse Lotion (1)

Then there was the sensory element, both for smell and touch. We talked about the different scents, and I described each to her as I held a dab of up to her nose.

Reuse Lotion (3)

Meanwhile she loves the way that lotion feels, busily rubbing it on her own arms and legs.

Reuse Lotion (6)

Finally, there was the pure fun of making a mess. So before you toss a nearly empty bottle of lotion, consider building up a little collection for your toddler’s sensory play.

Reuse Lotion (5)