Bubble Wrap Roads and Runways

Bubble Wrap Fun (11)

Having recently made a tape road, today’s giant road for Veronika was made out of bubble wrap instead! First, I taped a long rectangle of bubble wrap to the kitchen floor, securing it with painter’s tape.

Bubble Wrap Fun (1)

I encouraged Veronika to stomp on it with her feet to pop the bubbles, but she doesn’t weigh quite enough. Thinking quickly, we pulled out her heavy doll carriage.

Bubble Wrap Fun (4)

Now she got to enjoy hearing that pop pop pop! She zoomed the carriage back and forth a few times.

Bubble Wrap Fun (3)

Since we had moved on to vehicles, I pulled out additional cars and trucks for her to roll over the bubble road.

Bubble Wrap Fun (6)

Then, to add to her “city”, I cut a cardboard box into several pieces so we could make it into more of a parking garage, including a ramp along one side.

Bubble Wrap Fun (9)

She loved vrooming her cars off the road and into this garage. The empty roll from the painter’s tape made a great tunnel!

Bubble Wrap Fun (8)

If you want to get really creative, add additional boxes and have the bubble wrap road go right up and over them!

Bubble Wrap Fun (5)

When the car play was done, we went back to using the bubble wrap as a runway for our bodies. I showed Veronika how to crawl on it, and her little knees were rewarded with bubble pops.

Bubble Wrap Fun (10)

Next she sat down and tried popping individual bubbles with her fingertips. This is great for muscle strengthening!

Bubble Wrap Fun (14)

Big brother Travis wanted a turn running along our runway, too!

Bubble Wrap Fun (2)

I taped down a second rectangle, thinking the kids might want to race side by side. If your kids are close in age, you could even turn this into a competition to see who pops all their bubbles first, or whose runway is the loudest.

Bubble Wrap Fun (12)

However you play, bubble wrap is a great way to get out some energy inside!

Bubble Wrap Fun (13)