A Tape Road

A Tape Road (3)

I’ve designed lots of little roads made from tape for the kids before, but this one was different: one big tape road that inspired all sorts of different ways to play!

For starters, Veronika loved watching me lay down long strips of tape, and loved running along them as I did so!

A Tape Road (1)

Now she had a grand avenue that was just begging for our biggest toy cars to drive along it.

A Tape Road (2)

Although smaller cars were fun, too!

A Tape Road (8)

I added two stop signs at one “intersection” for a little early learning about road safety, though of course I didn’t expect Veronika to understand this part.

A Tape Road (9)

These wide boulevards were also fantastic just for running along, a me-sized road!

A Tape Road (4)

She then was busy driving her dolly stroller down it. It would be the perfect size for any ride-on kid cars, too. In sum, an easy and fun way to play indoors.

A Tape Road (6)

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