Blob Painting

Blob Painting (4)

Veronika is so into painting these days, but all too often she drops the brush and decides to smear with her hands instead. I wondered if using a few novel tools might distract her from doing so!

For this project, you’ll need anything your toddler can squeeze paint out of. We used two versions: an old infant medicine syringe (for pushing) and an empty cosmetic bottle (for squeezing).

I filled each with a little paint, and showed Veronika how to either squeeze or squirt blobs of paint onto the paper. As it turned out, both methods were a little advanced for her muscle development, but she loved seeing the blobs that appeared!

Blob Painting (1)

I folded the paper in half over the blobs we had made, then opened back up to show her a big smeary picture. As an alternative version, place another piece of paper over your blobs, rub firmly, and then lift up.

Blob Painting (3)

She loved the way both versions came out!

Blob Painting (2)

We continued squeezing and blobbing the paint, and she started to use the medicine syringe tip more like a paintbrush.

Blob Painting (8)

For extra fun, we tested out blobbing onto different surfaces, like coffee filters or paper towels.

Blob Painting (6)

Did this project keep her from painting with her hands?

Blob Painting (7)

Not entirely, but it definitely mixed up the art experience around here!

Blob Painting (9)


Spring Flowers Craft

Spring Flowers (7)

These sweet handmade flowers make the perfect bouquet for Mother’s Day, whether to give to a mom or grandma in person, or to share over Zoom!

Ideally, we would have used green straws as flower stems, but because we’re a bit limited on craft supplies (thanks coronavirus), we settled for painting white straws green. I also painted white cupcake liners yellow.

Spring Flowers (1)

Once the paint dried, we were ready to assemble our flowers! Travis helped make four kinds:

Daffodil: Trace a three-pointed petal shape on each of 3 yellow cupcake liners. Align them so they make a 9-pointed circle and glue together. Trim a fourth (white) cupcake liner down, and glue into the center. Glue a small yellow pom pom in the middle, then tape to a green straw as the stem.

Spring Flowers (4)

Calla Lily: Cut blue construction paper into an equilateral triangle. Tape a green straw so that it points up at one of the triangle corners. Wrap the other sides of the triangle tightly around the straw, and tape into place. Fold a yellow pipe cleaner in half, and insert down through the “flower” into the straw.

Spring Flowers (5)

Daisy: Cut three strips out of white construction paper. Glue each in half to form loops, then glue the loops one atop another.

Spring Flowers (3)

Cut a circle from yellow construction paper and glue in the center. Tape to a green straw for a stem.

Poppy: Cut six circles from red tissue paper, then trim around the edges to resemble the petals of a flower. Glue the pieces one atop another.

Spring Flowers (2)

Cut a circle from black construction paper and glue in the center of the tissue paper. Poke the end of a yellow pipe cleaner through the black circle and then all the way through the tissue paper layers; thread the pipe cleaner down into a green straw.

Spring Flowers (6)

Gift your flowers to someone special. Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring Flowers (8)