Kindergarten Home School Week 10: Thursday

Home School 49 b

I’m so happy to report we had a successful day. Travis was focused and motivated on his lessons in the morning, so much so that the afternoon was very light on schoolwork, everything already accomplished.

9-9.30: Math. He started with a workbook page counting up summer vegetables. I then gave him a few challenges. What would the number be if he added 10 to each (hint: a number in the teens). Then we made a number line and used it to answer simple equations. What was 1 more than 16? Three less than 16? Two more than 18? I could tell the visual number line really helped him think.

Home School 49 a

9.30-10: ELA. He did a page in his Star Wars writing workbook, and laughed so hard when we made up silly answers to fill-in-the-blanks. A proud 20 minutes on Lexia followed (while little sister drew with cars).

Home School 49 c

10-10.30: Snack/art/free play.

10.30-11: Music. Travis recorded himself singing high and low for the music teacher.

11-1: Lunch/free play.

1-2: Science. After reading an encyclopedia page about cameras, we headed outside (in gorgeous weather!), to take pictures.

Home School 49 d

I let Travis play around with settings, especially the zoom function. His photos were actually quite artsy! This counted as great fresh-air time for the day, too.

Home School 49 f

2-2.30: Spanish. There was a live Zoom today, a fun chance to go over familiar songs and watch a Spanish puppet show of the Three Little Pigs. I had hoped to engage him with an activity on fast and slow animals (rapido/lento) but it was late in the day and we called it quits.

Sponge Printing

Sponge Printing (12)

I recently introduced Veronika to the idea of stamping, by making Duplo prints. Today, we made sponge prints instead!

This was a great activity for outside on the patio, since first we needed to get the sponges wet. I misted them with a spray bottle until saturated, then showed her how to chalk all over the surface of the sponge.

Sponge Printing (4)

Press down firmly on a piece of thick white paper and the mark of the sponge will be left behind. The sponges have a bubbled appearance, with more surface twists and turns than you might expect!

Sponge Printing (1)

Next I cut a few of our sponges into shapes like hearts and plus signs.

Sponge Printing (10)

She liked seeing the various shapes in our prints.

Sponge Printing (6)

Then we discovered that if we used the chalk on wet pavement and then dipped the sponge in the colored water, we ended up with a more saturated print.

Sponge Printing (8)

The wetter the sponge the better the print, so eventually we used a bucket of water to dip instead of the mister bottle.

Sponge Printing (9)

Of course then Veronika just loved dipping the sponges in the bucket and squeezing them out, and lost interest in stamping!

Sponge Printing (11)

But this just fine; it meant this craft was a great way to spend some time making art and simply playing outside.

Sponge Printing (13)

Drawing with Cars

Drawing with Cars (6)

Kids love to paint with cars, but this time there was a twist on the activity! As opposed to letting the tires make the art, Veronika’s cars had passengers along. Crayon passengers that is!

To set up, I taped a long piece of craft paper to the floor so we had a good long “road”.

Drawing with Cars (1)

Use masking tape to attach jumbo crayons to the side of toy cars. The bigger the car, the better this worked; the crayons were a little wobbly on some of Veronika’s smaller cars.

Drawing with Cars (2)

I mostly tried to tape crayons to the same color car, but we had a few mismatches, like our yellow car with a black crayon.

Drawing with Cars (7)

Now it was time for Veronika to drive! She took the cars for a few spins around the road, and the crayons left fun scribbles in their wake.

Drawing with Cars (3)

To be honest, she was soon more interested in the pieces of tape than the crayons! But this was still a cute art project while it lasted.

Drawing with Cars (4)