Painting with Trucks

Painting with Trucks (12)

Veronika loves her little set of construction trucks, and she loves paint, so today I thought we’d combine the two. It turns out she was more into finger painting than truck painting, but at least we had good fun.

I started out by taping two pieces of construction paper in a shallow craft bin, and setting out her trucks. Add blobs of paint directly on the paper and show your toddler how to roll cars or trucks through.

Painting with Trucks (1)

Tire tracks!

Painting with Trucks (2)

I thought Veronika would be fascinated, but the paint blobs themselves were just too enticing. Soon we just had two very blue hands (“Hello fingers!” she said).

Painting with Trucks (5)

I did get her to drive the trucks back and forth a few times, but it was always quickly back to smearing her hands right through all those tire tracks.

Painting with Trucks (3)

I thought she might get more into the tire tracks if she had a bigger surface to drive along. So we cleaned up the first version and set up a second. I taped a long piece of craft paper to the floor, and this time I only dabbed down a little black paint, just enough to drive through.

Painting with Trucks (8)

This time she did maneuver the cars for a few passes, and did seem to notice the tracks.

Painting with Trucks (10)

But even the little blobs of paint were irresistible for her fingers.

Painting with Trucks (9)

Soon we had smeary black hands!

Painting with Trucks (11)

Well, she had a blast, and of course half the fun is the “car wash” at the end. We put the trucks in soapy water and I gave her a few rags. This was arguably even more enjoyable than the painting itself!

Painting with Trucks (14)

So start to finish, it made for a great project.

Painting with Trucks (15)

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