Cream of Wheat Imagination Bowl

Cream of Wheat (2)

One of Veronika’s latest words is “truck” and she has a set of construction trucks that she loves to play with, just right for toddler-sized hands. Today, I engaged her imagination by making an indoor “construction site”. Cream of wheat made the perfect base for this easy sensory play; it’s simple to clean up from floors or wipe off of clothing, and it also makes it okay if a toddler decides to taste the “sand”, resulting in a much more pleasant experience than an outdoor sandbox!

Once I demonstrated how she could drive her trucks through the pretend construction zone, she jumped right to it. I showed her how she could use the bulldozer blade to push through the cream of wheat, which was a big hit.

Cream of Wheat (3)

I loved watching her concentration as she carefully sprinkled “sand” into the dump truck.

Cream of Wheat (5)

She also loved just vrooming the various trucks, which made fun tracks in the “sand”.

Cream of Wheat (4)

Trucks lend themselves naturally to lots of onomatopoeia as you play. Be sure to make  beeps and vrooms and other car noises, and your toddler is sure to join in!

Cream of Wheat (6)

What a great way to get the imagination going and have hands-on sensory play.

Cream of Wheat (7)

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