Porthole Scratch Art

Porthole Scratch Art (4)

This ocean-themed art project didn’t quite work as intended, but it still led to great artistic and creative play for Travis today!

The goal with scratch art is to have two layers of color, scratching off the top layer to reveal the shade underneath. To start, cut the center circle from two paper plates and set aside; these will be the rims of your submarine “portholes”.

On a second set of paper plates, I asked Travis to draw his favorite sea creature. He chose a big red squid, and I was so proud of his drawing even though it wasn’t exactly easy to scratch off, as intended.

Porthole Scratch Art (1)

I made a nice fat starfish in the center of another plate as an easier option.

Porthole Scratch Art (2)

We then colored all around the sea creatures with white crayon. Layer a second color of crayon over everything, choosing a dark color to go over the sea animals and then blue crayon over your layer of white.

Using a penny, you now should be able to scratch off the top layer of crayon. If this works, you can make animal details like fins or scales, as well as water details like swirls and seaweed.

Unfortunately, our two colors of crayon just smudged together! Well, we were undeterred. Tape these plates underneath the first set of plates, and add details like bolts with more crayon.

Porthole Scratch Art (3)

Then we got inventive and played deep-sea diver on the couch! Travis loved pretending to be the squid outside my submarine.

Porthole Scratch Art (5)

We might try this again on a different brand of paper plates next time and see if we have more success.

Porthole Scratch Art (6)

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