Kindergarten Home School Week 8: Tuesday

Home School 36 d

We seem to have settled into a rhythm whereby Travis loves school in the morning, but protests anything I suggest after 1 p.m. or so. That’s why our schedule is so front-loaded, so feel free to space out activities more if you have kids who aren’t freshest first thing!

9-9.30: STEAM. Travis’s workbook page today involved reading the names of ocean animals and then coloring them in. We expanded on this ocean theme with porthole scratch art!

Home School 36 a

9.30-10: ELA. His workbook page involved sequencing a story about a coyote chasing a prairie dog.

Home School 36 b

He then invented what would happen next/last in the story with a drawing. I did try to entice him into writing this out, similar to a classroom Writers Workshop, but he only wanted to do the picture. That was fine, since he gamely sat for 20 minutes on Lexia. (Little sister was busy painting with trucks).

10-10.30: Snack/recess. (Li’l sis had a toddler sing-along class).

10.30-11: Social/emotional learning. We read an encyclopedia page about healthy bodies, which overlapped nicely with wellness questions sent home from the school counselor. The QR code took us to a link about yoga poses, so we followed up with yoga of our own… Jedi-style of course!

Home School 36 e

With Tuesday as his half day, we never got back into academics from here. The afternoon involved social time (Skype with a friend!), time outside (a leisurely neighborhood walk), and cooking!

His bedtime story was Leo the Late Bloomer.

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