Edible Finger Paint Activity on Foil

Baby Foil Painting (6)

Between an edible yogurt-based paint, pretty colors, an outdoor setting, and a shiny piece of foil as the canvas, what’s not to love about this project? The edible paint means it’s safe to play with toddlers or even younger babies.

It was warm enough that we took the activity outside to the patio, where a big beach towel could contain any mess. If it’s summer, you might consider stripping baby down to a bathing suit or diaper, in fact!

To make the paint, spoon non-dairy vanilla yogurt into containers or cups and add a few drops of food coloring to each. The pretty pastel colors felt just right for spring.

Baby Foil Painting (1)

For her “canvas”, I lightly crumpled up a piece of aluminum foil, then opened it back up again. This added lots of fun texture and shine to capture her attention. Note: I did also set down a brown paper bag in case she wanted to paint on that, too, but the foil was the definite favorite.

Baby Foil Painting (3)

She was eager to paint right away, and especially intrigued with using a brush instead of her fingers. Then she started painting her pants! Luckily it was warm enough to take them off and continue the activity.

Baby Foil Painting (5)

Next she loved pouring the paint cups right onto the canvas. After that we swished the yogurt around to even out the big blobs.

Baby Foil Painting (7)

Here is her final masterpiece:

Baby Foil Painting (8)

This activity was good yummy colorful fun.


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