What’s That Smell?

What's That Smell (2)

For some olfactory fun today, I presented Veronika with smells from around the house and we had fun naming each item as we smelled it. Unlike when she was little, now she can parrot these words back to me, hold the items herself, make yummy noises of delight, and more.

I wanted to clearly differentiate between edible and non-edible items in the game, so we started with the latter. I laid out a flower, tea bags, spice jars, and three different scents of soap.

What's That Smell (1)

One by one, I held them to my nose, then showed her how to do the same. For breakable items, like the spice jars, I waved the item under her nose. But she got the hang of it solo with the soap!

What's That Smell (4)

The tea bags were a big hit, so much so that I got out a bag of coffee and let her inhale that one deeply, too.

What's That Smell (5)

She looked so pleased when she smelled the cinnamon sticks, but she pulled back quickly from curry and a few other spices.

What's That Smell (3)

Next we moved on to items she could smell and eat. I set out a few pungent foods, like cooked vegan sausage and yogurt. Berries would be good, too. Or berry yogurt!

What's That Smell (6)

Veronika then found other fun ways to play with the items, and I was more than happy to watch her toddler brain explore. The cinnamon sticks were fun to take in and out of the jar, and the yogurt was fun to spoon through.

What's That Smell (7)

Finally, I made her a chart with a smiley face for the scents she had liked and a sad frown for ones she did not. Older toddlers will get a kick out of this part of the lesson, and may want to add to it on occasion.

What's That Smell (8)

Have fun continuing this kind of play no matter what room of the house you’re in, whether the bathroom or even outside.

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