Nature Collage

Nature Collage (9)

This was Travis and Veronika’s first art project together, a really wonderful milestone for siblings.

It started with a nature walk! On a gorgeous spring-like day, we took Veronika out to stretch her legs, and although she has come along on nature hikes, this was the first time she walked on her own two feet.

Nature Collage (1)

Travis was a great help along the trail, pointing out the names of objects. “Log!” he told her proudly, and also pointed out grass, acorns, pine cones, sticks, pebbles, and dirt.

Nature Collage (4)

Of course dirt had to be explored.

Nature Collage (3)

When Veronika saw that big brother had a walking stick, she needed one too!

Nature Collage (2)

As we hiked, the kids added treasures to a brown paper bag. Because it is late winter, there wasn’t a whole lot of color, but there was beauty to be found in dried brown leaves, curiously-shaped sticks, and bristly pine needles.

Nature Collage (5)

Once home, I asked Travis what shape we should draw on construction paper. He chose a butterfly, but anything else from nature – a flower, a favorite animal – would be fun.

Working together, we dripped on glue and applied bits of our nature finds into a collage. Travis loved using an acorn for a big eye and pine needles for antennae. Veronika loved pressing down pieces of leaf on the wings. Something for everyone!

Nature Collage (6)

She even loved squeezing the glue bottle.

Nature Collage (8)

This project helped shape an absolutely beautiful afternoon, and I hope you find the project equally magical.

Nature Collage (7)

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