Bathroom Exploration

Bathroom Explore (6)

You might think of the bathroom as a fairly boring room, but for your baby, it’s fascinating. Just think of all the things to hear, touch, and see! Today, I set aside some time just to explore the room with Veronika.

We started with toothpaste of course, because that tube just begs to be squeezed. I set out a layer of paper towels so she could do this with no mess, and then we squeezed onto an old toothbrush. Let your baby smell the minty scent or feel the toothbrush bristles.

Bathroom Explore (2)

Next I sat her on the counter. Of course there’s the fun of mirror reflections. She’s learning to wave, so loved saying hello to the baby in the mirror! I let her choose objects to touch, including soft tissues to pull from the box.

Bathroom Explore (7)

Then I washed her hands under warm running water. Rub-a-dub-dub! Rinse off and towel dry for that nice sensation.

Bathroom Explore (4)

Next up: the shower! Turn on the water, either in a shower or tub. We watched the water swirl down the drain together.

Bathroom Explore (9)

And now the most splashy fun of all: flush the toilet a couple of times. She was entranced watching the water swirl down, even though the noise startled her a little.

Bathroom Explore (3)

In sum, your baby will find delight in even the most mundane parts of the house. This turned out to be a great sensory experience.

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