Mirror Play

Mirror Magic (2)

There are so many ways to play with babies and mirrors, and they just keep getting more fun as your little one gets older! Today – on Veronika’s six month birthday! – we tried out a few new variations.

First, I sat her down in front of a mirror to do some body part and language learning. To the tune of “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush,” I sang:

This is what I call my head,

Call my head, call my head.

This is what I call my head,

Listen, look, and see.

Repeat for other body parts, making sure to touch each one as you sing about it.

Mirror Magic (3)

For the final verse, I sang:

Now I know the parts of me,

Parts of me, parts of me.

Now I know the parts of me.

Listen, look, and see.

Mirror Magic (1)

From there, we played around with some of those parts! Once we’d identified the tongue, for example we could wiggle it around.

Mirror Magic (5)

Once we’d identified the cheeks, we could puff them up with air.

Mirror Magic (7)

Once we’d identified the mouth, we could blow a big kiss. Big brother Travis loved helping with these demonstrations!

Mirror Magic (6)

If your baby happens to make a silly expressions, copy that back to him or her!

Mirror Magic (4)

We finished off the day’s mirror play by bringing in a stuffed animal friend. Use any favorite toy or stuffed animal for this part, and have it talk into the mirror or interact with baby.

Mirror Magic (9)

Veronika got a big kick out of this!

Mirror Magic (10)


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