Step on Texture

Step on Texture (3)

Veronika is walking! Okay, maybe my girl can’t do so on her own yet, but holding on to her dolly stroller, nothing stands in her way.

To add some sensory fun to her new-found ability, I laid down a texture obstacle course for her today. Gather up a variety of different materials in your house and lay them in a line on the floor. Beginning walkers can simply toddle across. For Veronika, I set up her stroller at one end, and she instantly began pushing her way across.

Step on Texture (2)

There was a soft fluffy blanket to start…

Step on Texture (4)

…and then her little feet passed onto the nubby texture of a rubber floor mat.

I added in variety with cozy flannel and a velvet-like dress-up cape.

Step on Texture (5)

Perhaps most surprising for her little feet was a sequined dress at the end.

Step on Texture (6)

She sat down and let her little toes play on this one!

Step on Texture (1)

If your child is already talking, encourage him or her to describe how each material feels. For Veronika, I simply narrated as she walked. Off she goes!

Step on Texture (7)

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