Kindergarten Home School Week 9: Thursday

Home School 44 f

I actually had to rein Travis in today! He was eager to forge ahead on his 1st grade writing and math books that arrived, but I really intended to use these in the late summer and early fall on the off-chance school is still not in session (sob!). Once I brought him back to age-appropriate Kindergarten materials, we had a productive day.

9-9.30: ELA. His summer workbook page focused on letter I. To extend beyond the handwriting, I had him name a rhyming word for each “i” word on the page. He also did 20 minutes on Lexia. Yes, in the living room, in a “ball pit”.

Home School 44 c

9.30-10: Math. The summer workbook page featured adding 10 soccer balls + X more balls, for a number in the teens. We knew how to make this hands-on!

Home School 44 b

First we made up math problems with our bag of ball pit balls, and then of course just enjoyed silly play with the balls. Then…

10-10.30: Recess. We extended the soccer theme with real soccer outside. A laundry basket made a handy goal.

Home School 44 d

10.30-11: Science. We read Travis’s encyclopedia pages about birds, and watched three QR video links in conjunction. I made things hands-on with a simplified version of an old bird beak experiment. Which bird beak was meant for which food if I gave him: tweezers, a pipette, and a slotted spoon. (Answers: the tweezers are for a sparrow to eat seeds, a hummingbird uses the “pipette” to drink up flower nectar, and a pelican is the slotted spoon for scooping up fish.

Home School 44 e

11-11.30: Spanish. This week’s video was about counting fruit. Travis was disappointed it wasn’t very silly and lost interest quickly.

Home School 44 h

11.30-12 – Lunch/free play.

12 – Friendship Day. There was a special Zoom “assembly” on the theme, an annual event at his school. Travis lost interest quickly, which made me sad, although I understand that it was hard to feel connected via computer.

1-2: Outside. We headed to the park, both for play and a shape hunt.

Home School 44 i

2-2.30: Specials. Travis had to record his voice for the Music teacher. We capped our day off by doing a kind deed: drawing pictures to mail to our cousins!

Home School 44 i

Tonight’s bedtime story was the fantastically illustrated What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?

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