Body Songs

Body Songs (2)

As soon as I pick her up from the crib each morning, Veronika recites my features to me, almost like she’s checking to make sure everything is still there! “One ear, two ear, nose, eyes…” she says. So today we took special time to recite lots of rhymes about body parts.

First up was a little ditty called Two Little Eyes:

Two little eyes to look around,

Two little ears to hear each sound,

One little nose to smell what’s sweet,

 One little mouth that likes to eat. 

Point to each feature on this one, of course, either on yourself, your child, or a favorite toy.

Body Songs (1)

Next up we sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, a classic that always gets big smiles!

Body Songs (3)

We followed this up with Twinkle Twinkle Little… Toes? Yes! To be silly, I sang:

Twinkle, twinkle little toes,

I can touch them to your nose.

Two are big and eight are small.

Count to ten you’ll count them all.

Twinkle, twinkle little toes,

I can touch them to your nose.

Body Songs (4)

With her toys already up, it was time for a round of This Little Piggy.

We finished with a game not of peek-a-boo, but peek-a-knees! Or peek-a-toes, or peek-a-ears, or any other body part you can cover up with a scarf or bean bag.

Body Songs (5)

From here, I leafed through a few magazines and cut out pictures showing facial features and other body parts like knees and toes. I added in dog and cat faces, too, because she loves to point out our cat’s ears. “Leg!” she exclaimed with delight, as we looked at the finished poster.

Body Songs (7)

We glued everything down, which turned it into a mini art project, and then we could sing our favorite body songs and point along as we sang.

Body Songs (8)

Bonus points: the leftover magazine pages were great for ripping.

Body Songs (6)

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