Shape Search

Shape Search (4)

Chances are you’re looking for ways to keep outdoor excursions new and interesting during this period of social distancing. One easy way is to turn a walk into a shape search.

For this activity, we headed to the park. Though the playground remains off limits for play, we could at least look at it! I challenged Travis to search for simple shapes first: squares, triangles, and circles.

He found examples that ranged from the big (the circle on the ground)…

Shape Search (1)

…to the small (circles incorporated into the play structure).

Shape Search (5)

Triangles formed the roofs, and squares were in the platforms and rungs of the ladder.

Shape Search (3)

Though I hadn’t intended to ask about 3-D shapes, he started to notice those, too. “Mom I see a cone!” he exclaimed. We even stopped by the diamond shapes of a fence on the way back to the car.

Shape Search (6)

How are you keeping walks different and educational? Please share in the comments!

Shape Search (2)

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