Simple Costume Design

Simple Costume (5)

As someone who dresses purely for comfort, it has been a source of endless amusement to me that Veronika loves to accessorize. A spare sock, a random belt; whatever she finds lying around the apartment she immediately drapes over herself and strikes a pose. So today we had some costume fun, starting out with the simplest prop: scarves!

Play scarves can be so many things. I tied one around her waist for an instant “tutu”. You could tell she felt glamorous!

Simple Costume (1)

Then I made a simple medieval hat by twisting a piece of construction paper into a cone and taping a scarf on the top. It was a little wobbly, but she still loved it.

Simple Costume (8)

Scarves are great for further make-believe while your child is in costume. We tied two together and “swam” them through her noble court as fish.

Simple Costume (3)

She recently watched real fish in a tank, so loved saying the word as the scarves swam around us.

Simple Costume (2)

To further engage her imagination, we did then play dress-up with a kit. I stayed away from named characters, knowing that she would love draping herself in lace, beads, and fancy headgear from a generic boxed set. And did she ever!

Simple Costume (4)

Whether it’s as simple scarves or more complicated like purchased dress-up, play clothes are great fuel for the imagination.

Simple Costume (6)

She wanted to dress “Baby” up, too!

Simple Costume (7)



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