Sponge-Ball Toss

Sponge Ball Toss (3)

This game is an instant cool-down on a hot day. And you can tailor it easily, depending how wet your kids want to get!

Set-up just requires a few cheap sponges from the dollar store. Stack two together, and cut into 3 strips.

Sponge Ball Toss (1)

Secure the strips in the center with a rubber band, fanning out the edges slightly. Make as many or as few as you want, and head outside the sponges and a bucket of water.

Sponge Ball Toss (2)

First I simply showed the kids that if you soaked the sponges in water and then pressed onto the ground, they left behind fun starburst shapes.

Sponge Ball Toss (7)

Little sister Veronika loved putting them in a bucket of water and squeezing out, delighting in the sensory element of the game.

Sponge Ball Toss (12)

Travis’s favorite way to play was to launch them at the wall!

Sponge Ball Toss (9)

Or squeeze them out like it was raining.

Sponge Ball Toss (11)

Older kids may want to pelt them at each other, which is just fine as long as no one minds getting wet! We kept things gentler with a toddler around, but there was still lots of laughter and tossing.

Sponge Ball Toss (8)

No matter how you play, these sponges are sure to provide cool-down fun.

Sponge Ball Toss (14)

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