Treasure-Map Pizza

Treasure Map Pizza (6)

This pizza was so fun to put together, complete with a tropical island background, an X-marks-the-spot, and golden treasure! You can prepare your edible mini maps on individual pita pockets, or do as Travis did and make a full-size pizza.

Treasure Map Pizza (1)

To start, pat pizza dough onto a pizza pan, then spread with tomato sauce, leaving a 1/2-inch crust. Sprinkle with your favorite non-dairy mozzarella.

Treasure Map Pizza (2)

Travis loved assembling a little pirate island that included the following: two bell pepper strips to mark an X for treasure; palm trees made of orange bell pepper trunks and green bell pepper fronds; mushroom rocks; olive footprints leading to the treasure; and corn kernels as nuggets of gold.

Treasure Map Pizza (4)

The kids had so much fun peaking while it baked!

Treasure Map Pizza (5)

Bubbles in the crust after baking even meant that we had some fun topography, like a little “hill” now below our X.

Treasure Map Pizza (7)

Then it was time to gobble up the treasure.

Treasure Map Pizza (8)


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