Garage Raid Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course (1)

If your kids need to get out some quick energy, look no further than your garage for inspiration. Old sports equipment, old toys, or anything else that will promote gross motor skills is perfect for this activity.

To wit, we pulled out Travis’s old scooter, an old play tunnel, leftover pool noodles, bouncy balls, a cornhole backboard, and a Frisbee. I arranged them in such a way that the items could be moved through as an obstacle course, then challenged Travis to the following:

Ride the scooter up to the tunnel.

Obstacle Course (2)

Whack the ball through the tunnel with the pool noodle, then follow it to the other side.

Obstacle Course (4)

Once through, toss the Frisbee at the cornhole backboard.

Obstacle Course (6)

The reward was bubbles! Travis loved popping them with the pool noodles.

Obstacle Course (8)

Little sister wanted to work her way through the course, too!

Obstacle Course (5)

We were glad we got out in the morning sunshine for this one.

Obstacle Course (3)

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