Patio Fun with Water

Fun with Water (1)

Veronika has played with various kitchen utensils to keep busy in the past, but today we added a few twists to this classic toddler activity.

The first change was that we moved the whole game outside. I laid a towel on the patio and filled a large kitchen bowl with water, then added measuring cups, a whisk, a pastry brush, measuring spoons, and a few sieves.

Fun with Water (2)

The sieves were great for pouring water into and instantly watching the water trickle back out!

Fun with Water (3)

The other big novelty here was adding a funnel. I showed Veronika how we could place a funnel over an empty sparkling water bottle and fill it, then watch the water trickle down. She concentrated so hard on reaching way up with a measuring cup to fill the funnel.

Fun with Water (4)

Then she loved dumping the water bottle out!

Fun with Water (7)

She also enjoyed brushing water onto a strainer with a pastry brush.

Fun with Water (6)

Whisks were fun to swish in the bowl.

Fun with Water (8)

And of course there was the obvious appeal of pouring water right onto her skin, since the morning was already hot. Knowing this would be tempting, I’d dressed her in a bathing suit, so you might want to do the same!

Fun with Water (9)

At the end when we had a big puddle of water on the patio, it was time for a splashy puddle dance.

Fun with Water (10)

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