Car Book

Car Book (8)

Veronika is obsessed with cars and trucks right now, so today I made her a picture book about cars of her very own!

First, we sat down to go through an old car magazine together, which was half the fun, talking about each vehicle as we came to it. I then tore out pages with clear, complete pictures of cars and trucks. You can also add pictures of tractors, motorcycles, or other favorite vehicles, if you find them in a magazine’s pages.

Car Book (2)

Glue each picture onto a square of poster board. Line up the pages and punch holes, then secure with two pieces of string.

Car Book (3)

Veronika instantly loved flipping through it at home…

Car Book (5)

…but of course there’s no better place to read her car book than in the car!

Car Book (7)

I love that I catch her “reading” this book to herself in the backseat. “There’s truck! There’s green car!” We’ll get a lot of mileage out of this one.

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