The Sandbox Scene

Sandbox Scene (1)

We’ve made a lot of at-home sandboxes in miniature this summer, but today we needed the real thing! To keep things fresh, I made sure we brought along toys that would add novelty to Veronika’s sand play. Because many public sandboxes encourage at-home toys these days, it was also the perfect excuse to mix things up!

First up: empty frozen juice containers. These are great because unlike other metal cans, they have no sharp edges. They are perfect for stacking into towers.

Sandbox Scene (2)

I also brought along construction vehicles…

Sandbox Scene (4)

Toy figures…

Sandbox Scene (3)

And shovels of course.

Sandbox Scene (5)

Measuring cups are great if you want to toss in a little learning, like concepts about size or volume. If you don’t want your real kitchenware getting sandy, bring along a few cups from a set of stacking cups.

It turned out the afternoon was really hot and the sandbox was in direct sunlight… but wouldn’t you know it, all those toys were just as great in nature’s other great play space: the grass box!

Sandbox Scene (8)

We got silly trying to stack our frozen juice containers here since the grass made things uneven.

Sandbox Scene (6)

Then of course, there’s the option of using the biggest “sandbox” of all: the beach! Here, we have a few extra options thanks to wet sand.

We could stack up a hill and then try to dig through to each other’s hands; we could bury toys and then unearth them; and of course we could bury our feet!

Sandbox Scene (13)

It’s also fun to dig a trench or hole, fill it with water, and watch what happens.

Sandbox Scene (11)

Veronika was amazed with how quickly the water was absorbed.

Sandbox Scene (9)

What’s your kids favorite thing to bring to the sandbox? Please share in the comments!

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