Winter in a Bag

Winter in a Bag (5)

Veronika loves glitter but I confess I’m not always in the mood to deal with the sparkly mess it leaves behind. This sensory bag is a great way to enjoy all the sparkle and ice of winter, without a single bit of that mess!

To start, I squirted about half a bottle of clear hair gel into a large zip-top bag. Add any items that are fun to squish and resemble little snowballs or snowflakes. To wit, we used white pom poms and large Dandies marshmallows!

Winter in a Bag (1)

For snowy sparkle, I then poured in blue glitter and a few silver star-shaped sequins that looked roughly like little snowflakes. Veronika wanted to get hands-on with the bag right away!

Winter in a Bag (3)

The marshmallows in particular are fun to squish, even through the bag. As a bonus, there’s no sticky mess left on fingers. She also loved spotting the silver snowflakes in the mix.

Winter in a Bag (4)

She then decided to stand on the bag instead, delighting in how squishy it felt beneath her toes.

Winter in a Bag (6)

The bag didn’t hold her interest for very long, truth be told, but it was sparkly, wintry fun while it lasted.


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