Water-Powered Window Stickers

Water Powered Window Stickers (8)

All you need for this activity are a few sheets of craft foam. And since these “stickers” peel off and on any window as many times as your child wants, they lend themselves perfectly to imaginative stories and play.

We used craft foam in three colors, and started out by tracing cookie cutters to make shapes and people (hint: you’ll want to use a gingerbread man cookie cutter!). Travis quickly wanted all our stickers to have a Star Wars theme, so we traced a few nightlight inserts in favorite shapes like R2-D2 and The Millennium Falcon, too.

Water Powered Window Stickers (3)

Then he decided to draw a few favorite characters free-hand, like Jabba the Hutt! I was impressed with his creativity.

Water Powered Window Stickers (2)

Draw on any details like facial features, buttons, or hoods with permanent marker, then cut each shape out.

Water Powered Window Stickers (4)

All Travis had to do to create a stage for his little characters on the window was to dip them in a dish of water. I set down a bowl of water (and a paper towel to clean up any drips!) and the fun began.

Water Powered Window Stickers (5)

Travis loved the way he could manipulate the characters all over the window, changing the scene and staging battles and rescues.

Water Powered Window Stickers (10)

Because you can layer one foam piece atop another, be sure to add accessories, too. Darth Vader’s mask could go over any of the little people’s heads, for example. You could even make a foam cut-out to look like a speech bubble and add words with permanent marker.

Water Powered Window Stickers (7)

No matter what theme your child has for these stickers, they are sure to be easy and fun.

Water Powered Window Stickers (11)


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