Mailbox Pretend Play

Mailbox Pretend Play (6)

Veronika is very into Blue’s Clues right now, and her favorite part of each episode is when Mailbox arrives bearing a letter for “mail time”. So today I set her up with her own post office!

To make each “mailbox”, simply fold a piece of construction paper over itself so the bottom half comes about 3/4 of the way up the top half. Staple shut along the sides, leaving the top open to form a pocket for mail deliveries.

Mailbox Pretend Play (1)

I made one mailbox for each family member (including the cat!) and then taped them up to the wall.

Mailbox Pretend Play (5)

To make our mail, I gave her an assortment of index cards, old envelopes, and leftover holiday cards. She loved scribbling, but was even more excited when I started drawing a few of the Blue’s Clues characters on envelopes so she could receive mail from them.

Mailbox Pretend Play (3)

I would hand her each letter and she proudly decided which “mailbox” to slot it into. “Let’s put this one in the purple!” she might say, and narrated the whole process.

Mailbox Pretend Play (7)

She was so excited pulling letters back out and seeing what she got in the mall!

Mailbox Pretend Play (9)

This was such easy but fantastic pretend play for a two-year-old. Does your toddler like to play mail delivery? Please share in the comments!

Mailbox Pretend Play (8)


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