Pretend Play Tea Party

Pretend Tea Party (9)

Veronika is really starting to enjoy dramatic and pretend play, so today we staged a proper tea party! I thought we might set the scene by dressing her in a fancy dress and shoes…

Pretend Tea Party (1)

…but nope. Veronika wanted to wear a bathing suit! For easy to clean “tea”, I skipped anything liquid and instead used blue crinkle paper (available at craft stores).

Pretend Tea Party (2)

She loves this material, and soon it was brimming out of our tea pot and cups.

Pretend Tea Party (3)

That’s one big pot of coffee she’s brewing!

Pretend Tea Party (7)

She loved stirring through the tea, and of course her dolls all wanted a cup.

Pretend Tea Party (5)

We then added little white pom poms to be sugar cubes, either in the cups or in the sugar bowl.

Pretend Tea Party (4)

Did she always understand the imaginative part of the game? At two years old, of course not. But between the sensory play and the dolls and all those cups to fill and dump out, she had a great time.

Pretend Tea Party (6)


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