Watercolor and Painter’s Tape

Watercolor & Painter's Tape (7)

Whether you’re using tape resist painting for holiday projects or just any old day of the week, there’s always a ‘wow’ factor to this painting method. It’s a favorite for my toddler and big kid both!

For toddlers, simply encourage them to lay down strips of painter’s tape any which way on thick watercolor paper. I helped Veronika makes lots of crisscross shapes. You could also experiment with making deliberate shapes, like squares or triangles, if desired.

Watercolor & Painter's Tape (3)

Travis wanted to see if he could make a favorite Lego character show up in tape form, which was admittedly harder to do. I taped out a rough outline, leaving empty space for the watercolor to show through.

Watercolor & Painter's Tape (1)

Time for watercolors! I loved watching brother and sister work side by side for this one.

Watercolor & Painter's Tape (5)

Travis loved choosing the right colors for his character. Veronika sometimes painted on her paper…

Watercolor & Painter's Tape (2)

…and sometimes preferred mixing the watercolors right in the tray. I loved seeing her artistic exploration.

Watercolor & Painter's Tape (6)

Once the pages were covered, we set them aside to dry. Then it was time for the big reveal!

Watercolor & Painter's Tape (8)


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