Shredded Paper Sandbox

Shredded Paper Sandbox (7)

I was looking for a relatively clean indoor sandbox material for Veronika (meaning, easy to clean up!), and realized that a pack of shredded crinkle party paper would be lots of fun. If you don’t have some from the store on hand (available in the gift wrap section), you can also use shredded paper right out of your home’s paper shredder.

The package I had was green paper, which made me think of green grass, so I decided to add lots of little toy ponies. This had the added bonus of making it feel like springtime on a cold winter day!

Shredded Paper Sandbox (1)

Veronika loved trotting the ponies through the “grass”…

Shredded Paper Sandbox (2)

…or burying them and then uncovering them.

Shredded Paper Sandbox (3)

I also added a cup on the side and she loved filling it to the brim with the green crinkles and then dumping it out.

Shredded Paper Sandbox (4)

This particular “sandbox” was great for auditory sensory play, too, since the paper makes great crinkling sounds as you play with it.

Shredded Paper Sandbox (5)

Eventually, she started spilling the “grass” beyond the tray I had set out, with ponies trotting to and fro, so it was nice to know that this material would be easy to clean up once she was through.

Shredded Paper Sandbox (8)

If you do use white shredded paper, this might be fun for a sensory box with a winter or arctic theme instead!

Shredded Paper Sandbox (6)

In sum, this was a great option for an indoor sandbox.


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