Toddler Pouch

Toddler Pouch (3)

If your toddler wants to carry along a little purse just like mommy, all you need to do is put together this simple craft!

To start, Veronika helped decorate some paper plates. Use whatever coloring material your toddler likes best; Veronika jumped right to it with her favorite color crayons (purple and blue), and lots of stickers.

Toddler Pouch (2)

I also drew familiar images on the plates for her like a rainbow and sun.

Toddler Pouch (1)

Cut one of the paper plates in half, and then staple it onto a second paper plate.

Toddler Pouch (4)

Punch two holes at the top of the full plate and thread through with yarn. Now it was ready to sling over her shoulder! Or to be stuffed full of toys and treasures.

Toddler Pouch (5)

She seemed so delighted with this pouch of her very own.


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