Potty Pals

Potty Pals (3)

Veronika has shown an early interest in the potty, but although she knows all the potty steps (sit, wipe, flush, wash!), she has yet to actually go on the potty. Given that we have even more hours to fill indoors this COVID winter than a normal one, it seems the ideal time to potty train.

To make the potty exciting, try this simple trick: I cut smiles and eyes from construction paper, then adhered these to larger pieces of contact paper which could stick to the underside of a toilet lid. I also attached a set to her training potty!

Potty Pals (2)

When I brought her into the bathroom, she was delighted! “It has a smile!” she exclaimed. “The potty has eyes!”

Potty Pals (6)

Of course she immediately wanted to sit.

Potty Pals (5)

If you want to get more graphic with the method, tell your toddler that the potty is thirsty and he or she can help fill its belly each time he or she goes!

Potty Pals (4)

This likely won’t be enough in and of itself to potty train her, but she’s young and we’re in no rush. Right now, the goal is to ease any anxiety about the toilet and make it seem friendly and fun.


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