Learning Letters Lineup to Squirt

Learning Letter Squirt (11)

I’ve noticed Veronika singing the alphabet to herself a lot lately, and she’s starting to identify a few of the letters correctly by name. This little game seemed like a fun next step to test her letter knowledge. After all, what toddler doesn’t love to squirt things with water?

Ideally, I would have done this activity on a chalkboard so it could be repeated, but I don’t own one large enough. Instead, I wrote out the alphabet in white crayon on a thick piece of black poster board. I then set out a tray with the magnet letters from our fridge and handed her the first one as a test.

Learning Letter Squirt (3)

“What letter is it?” I asked her. She correctly identified V, and then I asked if she could find the corresponding V on the poster board.

Learning Letter Squirt (2)

Once she matched each magnet letter to crayon letter, I told her she could spritz her target. Whoa, permission to spritz! She immediately loved this game.

Learning Letter Squirt (10)

It was eye opening to see which letters she knows (m, v, and i are early ones), and which ones she wasn’t sure (s, r).

Learning Letter Squirt (4)

Either way, she could always pair a magnet to its corresponding crayon shape even if she didn’t know the letter’s name, simply by matching them, and much more quickly than I would have guessed!

Learning Letter Squirt (6)

And then came the fun chance to squirt.

Learning Letter Squirt (9)

This was a great set-up to leave out for her all afternoon, as she happily mixed and matched the magnets or scribbled some more on the “chalkboard”.

Learning Letter Squirt (5)

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