Easy Winter Sensory Bin

Easy Winter Sensory Bin (1)

If you need to occupy a toddler on a cold winter day, simply throw a few items that seem “wintry” onto a tray and call it a winter sensory bin!

Yes, this really was as simple as that, just some odds and ends to keep Veronika busy for a short while. I raided the craft bin for items that fit the theme and ended up using: packing peanuts for their snowy white color and puffy texture; sparkly silver and gold ribbon; white and blue pom poms that were like mini snowballs; and some sparkly silver and blue chenille stems that seemed like icicles.

Easy Winter Sensory Bin (2)

The mix of textures, sizes, and shapes turned out great! Veronika could pretend she was sifting through snow with the packing peanuts and pom poms.

Easy Winter Sensory Bin (4)

For a little fine motor work added in, I also set a couple of spring-type clothespins on the tray and encouraged her to pinch some of the items.

Easy Winter Sensory Bin (3)

She proudly lifted a pom pom! The crinkly ribbon, meanwhile, made a wonderful sound and was great fun to lift up and then let “snow” down.

Easy Winter Sensory Bin (6)

Her bin was a mess by the end, the sure sign that she’d had some tactile wintry fun.

Easy Winter Sensory Bin (7)


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