Pool Noodle Games

Pool Noodle Stringing (5)

We had a few pool noodles in the closet that were left over from summer fun, so today Veronika and I found a few indoor winter ways to play with them!

First, we tried making a pool noodle “necklace”. Cut pool noodles into smaller pieces so they are like giant beads and then give your child twine (or a rope) and thread them on.

Pool Noodle Stringing (2)

Preschoolers can get in some great threading practice by doing this activity solo. I helped Veronika by inserting the twine into the hole of each pool noodle piece, and then she would pull it through.

Pool Noodle Stringing (3)

At first this made a fun pull toy! She loved dragging it along behind her or wiggling it in the air.

Pool Noodle Stringing (4)

Once we had enough of pieces looped on, I tied the two ends of twine together to form a giant dress-up necklace.

Pool Noodle Stringing (6)

Next, I cut out slightly larger pool noodle pieces, and these were great to stack like blocks!

Pool Noodle Stringing (8)

These towers were particularly fun to push over, because the soft foam won’t hurt a thing.

Pool Noodle Stringing (9)

I loved that we found a way to reuse a summer material on a winter’s day!


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