Unpoppable Frozen Bubbles

Unpopable Bubbles (4)

My philosophy about really cold weather with kids has become not to shy away from it, but to embrace it. That’s exactly what we did today with frozen bubbles; this is the kind of trick that can only work once the weather dips down low.

The secret to making this activity a success is to leave a bottle of bubble solution outside overnight so that it’s chilled and ready to go when your bundled-up kids get outside.

The second trick is to wave the bubble wand, instead of blowing through it. With those two modifications, the bubbles will act differently, freezing in kids’ hands or in the air (if it’s cold enough!) instead of popping.

Unpopable Bubbles (3)

The first time we tried this, our solution wasn’t quite cold enough.That meant the kids could still pop the bubbles on their fingers.

Unpopable Bubbles (2)

But they lasted and froze over if they landed on cold surfaces, like our plastic slide. This was mesmerizing to watch!

Unpopable Bubbles (6)

Travis wondered if this particular bubble might just last forever.

Unpopable Bubbles (5)

The next night was even colder, so we headed outside for more everlasting bubble play.

Unpopable Bubbles (7)

And this time they were so cold that sure enough we could poke at them without making them pop!

Unpopable Bubbles (8)

Is it cold enough for frozen bubbles in your area? Please share in the comments!


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