Bubble Wrap Snowman

Bubble Wrap Snowman (7)

While we’re eagerly awaiting the next snowfall ample enough to build a real snowman, Veronika made do with this painted version today!

The novelty here was painting the snowman using only a piece of bubble wrap. Little bubble wrap pouches are better for this particular project than a sheet of bubble wrap, since they can easily slip over a hand.

Bubble Wrap Snowman (2)

First, we painted the bubble wrap in wintry shades of white and pale blue. While Veronika painted, I drew an outline of a snowman on white paper.

Bubble Wrap Snowman (1)

I slipped the bubble wrap over her hand like a mitten and showed her how to press down. She loved this, and also wanted to check out the way the painted bubble wrap felt with the other hand. I recommend having a pack of wipes handy, in case your toddler does the same!

Bubble Wrap Snowman (3)

Set your snowman aside to dry, then cut out and glue onto a blue construction paper background.

Bubble Wrap Snowman (5)

Finally, I cut out a few accessories for our snowman.

Bubble Wrap Snowman (6)

For a little vocabulary exercise, Veronika named all of these as we used a glue stick to attach them: a black top hat, red buttons, a red scarf, and an orange carrot nose!

Bubble Wrap Snowman (8)


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