All Gone!

Clean Up Dump (2)

In my experience, toddlers love dumping things to and from containers. This game plays right to that interest while introducing (or reinforcing) the notion of “all gone!”.

I set up a tray filled with some of Veronika’s building blocks and then placed an empty bin a little ways away (far enough that she’d have to trot over to it, but not so far away as to be a big journey!). Then I handed her a smaller bucket that she could fill with some of the blocks.

All Gone (1)

“Go and fill the empty bin!” I encouraged with a big smile.

All Gone (2)

She made a few trips back and forth like this, until now the first tray was empty and the bin was the full one. “All gone!” I said in mock delight as I held up the tray.

All Gone (4)

Don’t be surprised if your toddler starts parroting this phrase and wants to go back and forth between the containers several times.

All Gone (3)

When Veronika lost interest in this first version of play, we added in a new element: wheels. More specifically, she has a new dump truck that was perfect for loading and unloading the blocks.

Clean Up Dump (3)

She loved to fill this one up and then zoom it to the tray to tilt back the load.

Clean Up Dump (6)

In fact, a dump truck like this would be a great way to encourage a toddler to clean up, vrooming each load from a messy floor to a bin.

Clean Up Dump (1)


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