National Puzzle Day

National Puzzle Day (6)

January 29 is National Puzzle Day, and if ever there was a day to stay cozy and warm inside with puzzles, the 10 degree day we had today was it! We played with puzzles in a variety of ways for my big kid and toddler both.

First up, we marked the holiday by learning a few puzzle trivia facts. Travis was wowed to learn that the jigsaw puzzle was invented as long ago as the 1760s, and that the world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle comes in with 54,000 pieces!

National Puzzle Day (1)

Veronika celebrated too, thanks to toddler-friendly Cereal Box Puzzles!

Cereal Box Puzzles (2)

The bright pictures on the front of cereal boxes make perfect puzzles for toddler hands. I cut triangles from a few box covers (making one or two pieces, depending on the picture), and set her to puzzling over how to slot these triangles back in.

Cereal Box Puzzles (5)

You can make this task harder for older kids by increasing the number of pieces to put together. Big brother Travis wanted a turn, too!

National Puzzle Day (4)

Next, I simply set out wooden puzzles for each of the kids. Veronika loves her chunky peg puzzles, or those that feature items like vegetables and shapes.

National Puzzle Day (2)

Travis puzzled over a few classic jigsaws, which is always great to see.

National Puzzle Day (5)

But don’t forget that jigsaw puzzles aren’t the only kind out there! Picture puzzles, word searches, or trivia all fit the bill, too. Even mama stole a moment for a puzzle or two.

National Puzzle Day (3)


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