Mommy White Board Project

JaMie Board (3)

This blog is almost entirely about the games and activities I organize for my children, but very rarely do we as caregivers remember to do something for ourselves. I’ve been wanting a better organizational system for a while (right now I scribble everything on post-its!), but it always felt too indulgent to purchase a big wall planner. Well, it was time to change that! I draw so much inspiration from the fabulous mom behind Hands on as We Grow, so when I saw she had put together this white board system for herself, I knew it was worth the splurge.

I purchased a wall organizer that is half white board and half cork board. You can get super-crafty and hot glue on fabric, or further subdivide the planner with ribbon or buttons. Not being nearly that artistic, I simply dressed mine up a bit with strips of washi tape and then used hot glue to add decorative buttons in a few corners.

JaMie Board (5)

I love that I can wipe off every item of my To Do list now, and I blocked out sections of the white board for our daily schedule, chores, and work-related items.

JaMie Board (4)

The cork side is for pinning up current project or recipe ideas, or school-related notices for the kids.

JaMie Board (7)

Perhaps the best part is that this board is going to save me so much paper in the long run, making it environmentally-friendly, too! No more loose pieces of paper stuck under too many magnets on the fridge.

JaMie Board (6)

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