Painted Toast

Here’s a cute way for a toddler help make his or her lunch! Before assembling a sandwich, your child gets to “paint” their own toast.

To set up, I poured 2 tablespoons non-dairy milk into each of two small dishes, and added food coloring to each. Veronika chose blue and green.

Using clean cotton swabs (or a clean paintbrush, if you have one), we dipped in the milk mixture and then onto slices of bread. Veronika loved seeing colors appear! I encouraged her to make dots and swirls. Meanwhile, I showed her how we could also draw more detailed pictures, like a smiley face.

Or a letter V for Veronika!

Once the design is to your child’s liking, toast the bread for 1 to 2 minutes in the toaster and the image will set. Prepare your tot’s sandwich of choice, and set out this happy lunch!


Kitchen Tool Bath

Veronika loves bathtime, but has seemed bored of her usual toys lately. So for novelty, we threw in the proverbial kitchen sink… almost literally! Because it turns out that old items from the kitchen can make fantastic bath toys.

Plastic utensils such as whisks were perfect. I also added silicone measuring cups and an old ice cream scoop. Veronika quickly switched into her bathing suit and hopped in for some fun.

The whisks were great for stirring through the water. If she whisked fast enough, it even made bubbles!

She spent some time pouring from one measuring cup to another. Then she began pouring water over other items like the whisk or ice cream scoop, and was amazed that the water trickled straight through, nothing to hold it in. The scoop was also great for ladling up a little bit of water, then pouring it over knees or elbows or toes. Be sure to name body parts as your pour over each one.

Mostly, though, I just let her splash around and have fun until the water started to get cold, and then it was time to come out.