Turntable Fun

Veronika was feeling a little under the weather with a sniffle today, so I was on the hunt for games we could play while cozy on the couch. What could be lazier than a lazy Susan?

If you don’t own a lazy Susan (or similar turntable in your kitchen), there’s no need to purchase one just for this game. I simply grabbed the spinning turntable out of the microwave and put it to a different use!

To set up, you’ll need a double set of images. First, I put colored dot stickers onto index cards that Veronika could hold in her hand. Then, I taped colored squares of construction paper with the same color dot sticker around the rim of the turntable, as shown below. Time to spin and make a match!

For each color in her hand, we spun the turntable around until that particular color was closest to her, and she placed down her corresponding index card.

She aced the entire test without a single error, and loved the way that the whole contraption could spin.

This was a cute way to keep her busy and squeeze in some learning while staying cozy! Don’t feel obligated to stick to dot stickers, either. Any set of matching images or objects will work for this game.

Find the Letter and Swat It

Veronika loved painting with a fly swatter last summer, and today we took that same tool and used it for a little learning instead! To start, I wrote out the alphabet on a large piece of cardboard (poster board would work too), making the letters bright and bold.

Then I simply handed over the swatter. She loves to say “splat!” every time it lands down, and I told her today we were going to “splat” the letters. We played in a few different ways. First, I asked her to swat at a specific letter, choosing those I know she is familiar with, as with S and V. She happily obliged.

Then I asked her to choose a letter, and name it for me as she swatted it. Sometimes she swatted down but stayed silent, which was a good chance to remind her the names of a few less familiar letters.

We also sang through the whole alphabet together, tapping each letter with the swatter as we sang its name.

Needless to say, she was a happy alphabet learner today!