Find the Letter and Swat It

Veronika loved painting with a fly swatter last summer, and today we took that same tool and used it for a little learning instead! To start, I wrote out the alphabet on a large piece of cardboard (poster board would work too), making the letters bright and bold.

Then I simply handed over the swatter. She loves to say “splat!” every time it lands down, and I told her today we were going to “splat” the letters. We played in a few different ways. First, I asked her to swat at a specific letter, choosing those I know she is familiar with, as with S and V. She happily obliged.

Then I asked her to choose a letter, and name it for me as she swatted it. Sometimes she swatted down but stayed silent, which was a good chance to remind her the names of a few less familiar letters.

We also sang through the whole alphabet together, tapping each letter with the swatter as we sang its name.

Needless to say, she was a happy alphabet learner today!


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