Easter Egg Holder

Veronika has decorated quite a few plastic eggs for Easter this year, but those roly-poly eggs can be difficult to display. Here’s a cute idea from The Toddler’s Busy Book to show off your toddler’s creations!

First, cut an empty paper towel tube into sections, each about 2 inches tall. Next, cut strips of construction paper to wrap around them, and glue on. We chose yellow, green, and pink, all lovely springtime colors. I don’t normally use hot glue for a material as thin as paper, but in this case it cut down on mess and drying time.

Now it was Veronika’s turn to decorate! She loved adding Easter-themed stickers like images of chicks, bunnies, and flowers.

Her favorite step, though, was making the holders sparkle with glitter. I decided the most mess-free way to do this was to pour a little glue into a paper plate and sprinkle the glue with glitter (Veronika chose gold), and then roll the tubes through. Stand upright to dry.

The eggs look great, and won’t wobble over!

Raindrop Stamp for a Rainy Day

Veronika has been obsessed with a rainy day episode of Blues Clues recently. So when we had a real rainy day today, I used the opportunity for a raindrop-themed craft.

First, squirt rainy day shades of paint onto a paper plate. We mixed dark blue, light blue, and black. Then, simply squeeze an empty toilet paper tube into a teardrop shape.

I showed Veronika how to dip in the paint and then stamp on the paper.

“Look at all the raindrops!” she said so happily. She took charge of the activity and didn’t want any help, which meant many of her raindrops were sideways. But I loved that the resulting artwork was authentically hers.

I covered a second sheet of paper with more raindrop stamps, and this time drew in a little dog ‘Blue’ towards the bottom.

In sum, this is a great way to keep toddlers busy of a rainy day.

Carrot Kid Craft

Last year, Veronika loved having her feet painted orange for an adorable springtime craft. This year we painted them green instead! Capture a few green footprints and they become the green fronds at the top of this carrot memento, just in time for the Easter bunny to nibble on.

To start, I sat Veronika down in front of a big sheet of paper and painted the soles of each foot green. Make sure you have wipes ready at your side so you don’t wind up with green footprints all over the floor!

I tested out two methods for the best print, either bringing the paper to her foot and pressing firmly, or having her walk across it. The former definitely made clearer prints! I cut out the best two and set them aside to dry.

Meanwhile, we made the rest of the carrot: cut a paper plate into a triangle shape and invite your toddler to tear orange construction paper into small pieces. Glue down the orange pieces until the plate is covered.

Glue the footprint fronds to the top and the carrot is ready!

Sidewalk Chalk Jokes

Travis was recently inspired when he read a Highlights magazine article about a boy who started a “joke stand” during the COVID-19 pandemic (as opposed to a lemonade stand). The idea was to bring cheer to customers while avoiding physical contact. Even better, the boy told his jokes for free, simply out of good will!

Travis loved the idea, but intuitively knew he’d be too shy to hold a Joke Stand of his own. Still, we wanted some way to impart laughter and joy to the neighbors, since the world still isn’t quite back to normal. What better day than April Fools’ Day for some laughs? We headed outside armed with chalk and a joke book. Travis loved helping write some of his favorites on the sidewalk.

As I wrote the words, the kids helped add decorations, smiley faces, and squiggles.

The hope is that anyone walking down this well-trodden path would have a big smile.

Here’s hoping all those April fools feel fantastic after getting a few belly laughs.

Note: All jokes are courtesy of Rob Elliott’s Laugh-Out-Loud Easter Jokes.