Raindrop Stamp for a Rainy Day

Veronika has been obsessed with a rainy day episode of Blues Clues recently. So when we had a real rainy day today, I used the opportunity for a raindrop-themed craft.

First, squirt rainy day shades of paint onto a paper plate. We mixed dark blue, light blue, and black. Then, simply squeeze an empty toilet paper tube into a teardrop shape.

I showed Veronika how to dip in the paint and then stamp on the paper.

“Look at all the raindrops!” she said so happily. She took charge of the activity and didn’t want any help, which meant many of her raindrops were sideways. But I loved that the resulting artwork was authentically hers.

I covered a second sheet of paper with more raindrop stamps, and this time drew in a little dog ‘Blue’ towards the bottom.

In sum, this is a great way to keep toddlers busy of a rainy day.


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