Carrot Kid Craft

Last year, Veronika loved having her feet painted orange for an adorable springtime craft. This year we painted them green instead! Capture a few green footprints and they become the green fronds at the top of this carrot memento, just in time for the Easter bunny to nibble on.

To start, I sat Veronika down in front of a big sheet of paper and painted the soles of each foot green. Make sure you have wipes ready at your side so you don’t wind up with green footprints all over the floor!

I tested out two methods for the best print, either bringing the paper to her foot and pressing firmly, or having her walk across it. The former definitely made clearer prints! I cut out the best two and set them aside to dry.

Meanwhile, we made the rest of the carrot: cut a paper plate into a triangle shape and invite your toddler to tear orange construction paper into small pieces. Glue down the orange pieces until the plate is covered.

Glue the footprint fronds to the top and the carrot is ready!


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