Carrot Footprints

Carrot Footprint (5)

This cute little craft feels just right for springtime, particularly close to Easter as we’re thinking about bunnies! The resulting footprints make a sweet memento, too.

I sat Veronika down and painted the bottom of one foot orange with washable paint. She loved the way this felt, eagerly saying “foot” and imitating me with a second clean paintbrush.

Carrot Footprint (1)

Firmly press your child’s foot to paper. Wipe clean, then repeat with the other foot. I thought the orange paint might show up on orange construction paper as the background, but in retrospect I would have done this on white cardstock.

Carrot Footprint (6)

As it was, I ended up cutting out the orange paper, drawing pen around the footprints to make them clearer, and then gluing them down to to white cardstock.

Carrot Footprint (7)

For the fronds of the carrots, cut strips of green construction paper and tape them to the back so little fronds stick up.

Carrot Footprint (2)

If you want the fronds to be sturdier, consider cutting up green paint chip samples! Still, these turned out to be quite adorable.

Carrot Footprint (3)

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