Sidewalk Chalk Jokes

Travis was recently inspired when he read a Highlights magazine article about a boy who started a “joke stand” during the COVID-19 pandemic (as opposed to a lemonade stand). The idea was to bring cheer to customers while avoiding physical contact. Even better, the boy told his jokes for free, simply out of good will!

Travis loved the idea, but intuitively knew he’d be too shy to hold a Joke Stand of his own. Still, we wanted some way to impart laughter and joy to the neighbors, since the world still isn’t quite back to normal. What better day than April Fools’ Day for some laughs? We headed outside armed with chalk and a joke book. Travis loved helping write some of his favorites on the sidewalk.

As I wrote the words, the kids helped add decorations, smiley faces, and squiggles.

The hope is that anyone walking down this well-trodden path would have a big smile.

Here’s hoping all those April fools feel fantastic after getting a few belly laughs.

Note: All jokes are courtesy of Rob Elliott’s Laugh-Out-Loud Easter Jokes.


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