Painting with the Rain

The next time you have a rainy day, take advantage of it for this art project! There are two “artists” who will complete each painting: your child and the raindrops!

To start, I set out cups of water and watercolors so Veronika could paint all over thick white paper. To be honest, she was much more interested in the cups of water today; after just a few swirls on the paper, she turned her attention to swirling the water around in the cups!

I made a second painting with big dots of watercolor, too, so we’d have two pictures to set outside for the next step.

Now we made a quick foray out into the rain and placed down our paintings. It’s useful to secure the paper in place with rocks or pebbles, especially if your rain storm is accompanied by wind.

Wait until the pages are covered in raindrops, then bring back inside! The rain makes neat effects, sometimes diluting our colors, sometimes making them run together, and no matter what resulting in a pretty final work of art.


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